Heublumen Rebell

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Cheese Heublumen Rebell

Heublumen Rebell cheese is a specialty cheese made in Sulzberg, a town in the Bregenz district, in the state of Vorarlberg, Austria. It is then aged in Steingaden, a municipality located in the Weilheim-Schongau district, in the state of Bavaria, Germany. What sets this cheese apart is the use of special mountain herbs from the Alpine flora, giving it a unique and rebellious aroma.

Due to the high quality of the hay milk used to make Heublumen Rebell cheese, there is no need for additives or preservatives. This allows the cheese to be produced in accordance with traditional rural practices. Hay milk production is the most original form of milk production, and it starts with the diet of the cows.

For centuries, the feeding of dairy cows has been adjusted to the seasons. During the summer, farmers transport their cows to mountain pastures. The grass and hay are dried and stored in barns for the colder seasons. The cultivation of hay also has a positive impact on nature, as it promotes biodiversity through mowing and grazing.

Production Process

Heublumen Rebell cheese begins as a typical recipe from the region. It is an Alpine cheese made from raw cow's milk, and after two months of aging, it is rubbed with dried hay flowers. The interior of Heublumen Rebell cheese is a straw yellow color with a firm and compact texture, speckled with small, relaxed holes or "eyes". The outer rind is dark green/brown and tinted with small pieces of dried hay.

The flavors of Heublumen Rebell cheese are creamy and delicate, with hints of sweet and raw almonds. The aroma of honey, floral notes, and young wood remind us of an Alpine meadow. It has a creamy and sweet taste that melts wonderfully, making it perfect for spreading on bread with butter. It is marketed as a flat wheel, measuring 30 cm in diameter, 8 cm in height, and weighing approximately 6 kg.


When enjoying Heublumen Rebell cheese, you are transported to the freshness of the countryside. It is perfect for picnics or cheese platters, melted over bread with butter. White Riesling wines are recommended to pair with the cheese, slightly sweet with a spicy and mineral note, and balanced acidity. You could also consider pairing it with malty dark beers.

✓ Austria