Washed Rind

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Washed Rind cheese is a type of cheese that belongs to the semi-hard category. It is crafted using traditional and modern techniques, primarily made from cow's milk, specifically the red Shorthorn breed. The cheese has a sticky orange washed rind, which often develops a bluish, grayish, and white mold.

Fred Leppin, a renowned cheese expert, entered the cheese-making world in the late 80s. He didn't aim to create mere copies of English and French-style cheeses; instead, he embarked on creating new and innovative international variations. One of his notable creations is the Washed Rind cheese.

The Washed Rind cheese, inspired by Trappist-style and washed rind cheeses, possesses unique characteristics that distinguish it from its predecessors. Its aroma is incredibly pungent, while the texture is soft and flexible. The flavor profile of this cheese seems to have absorbed the warm and minty fragrance of eucalyptus.

In terms of culinary uses, Washed Rind cheese is a delightful addition to any cheese table. Its bold flavor and distinct characteristics make it a standout choice for cheese enthusiasts. When paired with other cheeses, wine, and fruits, it adds depth and complexity to the overall cheese experience.

To better understand the appeal of Washed Rind cheese, let's take a deeper dive into its characteristics:

1. Aroma: The pungent aroma of Washed Rind cheese is instantly noticeable. It has a distinctively strong and penetrating fragrance. The combination of the orange washed rind and the naturally occurring mold adds an earthy and slightly tangy aroma to the cheese.

2. Texture: Unlike some cheeses that are firm and crumbly, Washed Rind cheese has a soft and pliable texture. Its interior is smooth and supple, allowing it to melt in your mouth. This makes it an excellent choice for spreading on bread or crackers.

3. Flavor: The flavor profile of Washed Rind cheese is complex and robust. It showcases a range of taste sensations, from savory to slightly sweet. The cheese delivers a rich and creamy experience with hints of eucalyptus, thanks to the unique characteristics of the washed rind and the aging process.

4. Pairing: When it comes to pairing Washed Rind cheese, options abound. Its bold flavor and creamy texture make it an excellent accompaniment to hearty red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The cheese also pairs well with fruits like sliced pears or grapes. For a full cheese experience, serve it with crusty bread and a variety of other cheeses.

In conclusion, Washed Rind cheese is a true masterpiece in the world of cheese. Fred Leppin's expertise and dedication have resulted in a cheese that combines traditional techniques with modern innovation. With its unique characteristics, pungent aroma, soft texture, and complex flavor profile, this cheese is a must-try for cheese connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts alike. So, the next time you're looking to impress your guests or indulge in a gourmet cheese experience, consider adding Washed Rind cheese to your table.

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