Truffe de Ventadour

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Truffe de Ventadour Cheese

The Truffe de Ventadour is a special type of French cheese made from raw and total goat milk. This beautiful cheese is shaped like a truffle, which explains the first part of its name. No actual truffles are added to the cheese. The second part of the name, Ventadour, refers to the area of the Ventadour castle from which it originates. The castle is located in the Corrèze department in central France and now belongs to the new region of Nouvelle Aquitaine (previously Limousin).

The goats in the Corrèze region must be happy, judging by the consistently high-quality goat cheeses produced in the area. This artisanal goat cheese is made by certain farmers on their farms in the heart of Limousin. The goats are fed a plant-based diet from the farm, supplemented with grains. In the summer, they graze on rich grasslands, and during drier periods, the producer takes them for daily walks across approximately 300 hectares of paramos, marshes, and undergrowth from which they delight in feeding. In the winter, they are given the best hay. To ensure good milk production, the goats are well taken care of and fed the best from the farm. Every day, the milk is processed into small cheeses, following strict sanitary standards.

Appearance and Texture

The Truffe de Ventadour is cheese that takes the shape of a large ash-covered truffle. It has a slightly salty, thin rind with superficial white or light bluish molds. The cheese has a smooth, white paste with a compact texture that is firm in structure but melts deliciously in the mouth. It is marketed at various stages, from fresh to mature, and even when it's dry. The cheese continues to improve in quality throughout its maturation process.

Taste and Serving

The taste of the herbs and cereals from its summer pastures is revealed through the creamy interior of the cheese. It is salty, herbaceous, and slightly sweeter than spicy, but always delicious. The Truffe de Ventadour is shaped like a large truffle, approximately 8 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height, with an approximate weight of 350 grams when packaged. If you have the opportunity to try this cheese, you cannot miss it. It is a seasonal cheese that respects the natural cycling of the goats, and its optimal tasting period is in the spring. It is important to eat this cheese at room temperature to fully appreciate its rich flavors.

The Truffe de Ventadour cheese is ideal for melting on toasted bread or incorporating it warm into salads and vegetables. It can also be enjoyed on its own with red berries. In soups and sauces, it provides a new and interesting flavor. It is often served as one of the first cheeses on a table without fear of making mistakes. In the region, it is commonly paired with a variety of small green pears. It pairs exceptionally well with a red wine from Sancerre.

Overall, the Truffe de Ventadour is a unique and flavorful cheese that represents the rich culinary heritage of the Corrèze region in France. Its distinct truffle-like appearance, smooth texture, and delightful taste make it a must-try for cheese enthusiasts.

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