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' tags. Title: Cheese Chanco Introduction: Since ancient times, Chanco cheese has enjoyed national prestige for the excellence of its cheeses, and this has been the case for decades. It is said that the birth of Chanco cheese began with the embarkation of four cows in the port of Cadiz, destined for South America, at the request of Doña Catalina de Los Rios y Lisperguer, also known as "La Quintrala." During the voyage, the ship, flying the Spanish flag, encountered an English pirate in the Strait of Magellan and had to anchor in the port of Penco. There was a Spaniard residing in Chanco, near Penco along the coast, who devised a plan to steal the cows.

History of Chanco Cheese

During the early 18th century, the cheesemaking process flourished in Chanco, with abundant cultures. One particular day, one of the landowners instructed Mulatto Felipillo to leave the chamomile (the first rennet) in an Oleda de Girda. Alongside his wife Juana, Felipillo prepared the fermented rennet in a pot, adding chamomile, salt, and pepper. The milk was then placed in a sieve for prayer. Several days later, according to the story, the anonymous landowners tested the cheese made by their servants. The taste was exquisite, different from any other cheese - it was claimed to be buttery. The secret remained hidden until one fortunate day when the doors were opened for trade. The superior texture of the cheese, surpassing European varieties, crossed the borders of Chanco and gained popularity in Santiago and even in Spain. It became a significant food innovation using cow's milk, originating from an unknown location in Chile, conquering authentic palates.

Characteristics of Chanco Cheese

Chanco cheese, originally known as Rahuil cheese, comes from a town near Chanco in the Maule region of Chile. This cheese is rarely found outside of Chile. Its typical Chilean identity and freshness make it one of the most traditionally consumed cheeses in the country. Its exceptional sensory characteristics are largely attributed to its high fat content, as well as the moisture and the level of biochemical degradation of its macrocomponents that occur during the minimum 21-day maturation period. The cheese is made from whole milk and calf rennet, resulting in a semi-hard, buttery, firm, and flexible texture. It has a mild, slightly acidic flavor and a yellow wheat crust. Irregular eyes are abundantly distributed throughout the cheese. Nowadays, it is produced in various formats, but traditionally, it was rectangular or square-shaped, weighing 0.7 to 2 kg. There are also varieties such as chacuial cheese, goat milk cheese, and varieties with red pepper and oregano.

Chaco Cheese Fair

Every summer, the Chanco Cheese Fair is celebrated as a productive and cultural activity, showcasing to visitors that Chanco remains the municipality of cheeses. This year, in 2014, it already celebrated its thirteenth edition. No tourist leaves the Maule coast without first experiencing this delicious dairy product. Chanco cheese is ideal for sandwiches, salads, or as part of cheese boards, accompanied by sweet wines such as Merlot or white wine. Conclusion: Chanco cheese has a rich history and unique characteristics that distinguish it from other cheeses. Its origins in Chile and its traditional production methods have made it a cherished culinary delight. The annual Chanco Cheese Fair is a testament to its importance within the local community and its enduring popularity among tourists. Enjoyed in various forms, Chanco cheese is truly a treasure for cheese enthusiasts around the world.

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