Le Guillaume Tell

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Cheese Le Guillaume Tell

This article will discuss the cheese Le Guillaume Tell in detail, without repeating the title. The cheese Le Guillaume Tell is produced by the Domaine Féodal de Berthierville in Quebec, Canada. Established in 2001 by Guy Artisans Desureault, an experienced farmer, and his wife, Lise Mercier, the dairy specializes in the production of Camembert-style cheeses with a Florida crust. The milk used to make the cheese comes from the herds of four neighboring farms. The couple is dedicated to researching and creating unique and distinctive cheeses.

Le Guillaume Tell cheese is a mild, soft paste cheese made with pasteurized cow's milk. It is refined for two months and then soaked and washed in a delicious ice cider from the Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte in Rougemont, also in Quebec. This soaking gives the cheese its slightly moist rind, a beautiful bloomy blonde color, and an aroma of apple and fermented mushrooms. The cheese has a flexible and flowing texture, flavored with butter, cream, and caramelized apples, with a sweet alcoholic finish.

The name of the cheese is inspired by the legend of the Swiss hero, Guillermo Tell, who supposedly stood up against the imperial authority of the time (14th century). Ignoring the obligation for the locals to remove their hats and bow as a sign of respect to a mast symbolizing the authority of the Habsburg house's sovereign, Guillermo Tell was accused of shooting an arrow through an apple placed on top of his own son's head at a distance of 100 steps. If he hit the apple, he would be freed of any charges. If he missed, he would be sentenced to death. Fortunately, he succeeded in his feat.

Le Guillaume Tell cheese is sold in the form of a flat disc weighing approximately 1.4 kg for a whole wheel. However, it can also be purchased in smaller sizes, ranging from 150 g to 300 g. Guy and Lise put their love for cheese into their products, and their work has been widely recognized, with many of their creations receiving international awards. Guillaume Tell won a bronze medal from the American Cheese Society in August 2010 and another bronze medal from the World Cheese Awards in November 2010. It was also a finalist for the Canadian Cheese Awards in April 2009.

To fully appreciate the richness of flavors in this cheese, it is best to eat it at room temperature. It can be enjoyed with crispy bread, nuts, and fresh fruits. It is excellent in sandwiches or melted on baked bread, as well as in soups and to thicken sauces. It can also be served as a dessert accompanied by apple jam and maple syrup, a true delight. Pairing it with Sauvignon Blanc white wine is recommended. Dry white wines are characterized by the intensity of their spice, toasted bread, or exotic fruit aromas. In the mouth, these wines have a richer texture and are well-balanced.

In summary, Le Guillaume Tell cheese is a unique and flavorful cheese made with passion by Guy and Lise. Its distinctive characteristics, such as the moist rind, buttery and creamy taste, and aroma of apple and fermented mushrooms, make it a true delight for cheese lovers. It has received international recognition for its quality and is best enjoyed at room temperature with various accompaniments, including bread, nuts, and fruits. Whether used in sandwiches, melted on bread, or incorporated into soups and sauces, Le Guillaume Tell cheese is a versatile ingredient that adds a touch of elegance to any dish.

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