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The "Curvallon" cheese is a unique and delicious cheese crafted by Sylvie Noel at her farm in Curvalle, a municipality in the Tarn department of the Midi-Pyrenees region in France. While the Curvallon cheese originates in Curvalle, it undergoes its final aging process in Toulouse. The aging takes place in the vineyards of Xavier, a renowned Maître Aflineeur (master cheese ager) revered throughout southern France. Trippers purchase young cheeses from the farm and carefully age them, closely monitoring their development until the ager deems them ready for marketing.

This system, where one establishment produces the cheese and another ages it, has two clear advantages. The cheese maker receives immediate income and has minimal storage costs. The aging process is entrusted to experts who possess the necessary space for aging and have extensive marketing contacts, just like Xavier. Xavier's cheese has garnered a significant following among individual customers as well as culinary and restaurant professionals.

Curvallon Cheese

The Curvallon cheese is a farmhouse cheese made from raw goat milk. It has a soft paste and a bloomy rind. The curd is hand ladled into molds and allowed to drain naturally without being pressed, preserving its integrity. The minimum aging period is 20 days.

Curvallon cheese is atypical, as its appearance may deceive you into thinking it is a mild, creamy cheese. In reality, it surprises with its aromatic and spicy flavor, accompanied by a characteristic acidity typical of goat cheeses. The rind has a bloomy texture, reminiscent of a camembert. Its taste instantly transports you to its Caprino origins, as it lingers in your mouth like a poem. Undoubtedly, its strong character showcases the use of raw milk, and its taste persists for a long time, with hints of butter and hazelnuts.

Sylvie Noel respects the seasons and the natural lactation periods of her goats, so the cheese is only available from March to November. It is marketed in its original square shape, weighing between 150 to 200 grams. It can be enjoyed on a mixed cheese board or paired with crusty bread and tomatoes. In soups and sauces, it adds a new and interesting flavor. Surprisingly, when heated, the goat flavor tends to diminish. This cheese pairs wonderfully with a good dry white wine.

You can acquire this unique Curvallon cheese by purchasing it online from Xavier's store.

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