Cornish Kern

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Cheese Cornish Kern

The Cornish Kern is a hard cheese made by Lynher Dairies Cheese Co. on the Pennigreep farm in the village of Ponsanooth, Cornwall, England. It is a handmade artisan cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk and vegetable rennet in open vats, and naturally matured for 12 months. The milk comes from their own herd of Friesian cows. The lush pastures and local flora play a crucial role in the development of the flavor of this cheese.

The name 'Kern' (which means "round" in Cornish) accurately describes the well-balanced taste profile of the cheese. The Cornish Kern offers a range of flavors, from rich and savory nuts to sweet and creamy notes. However, it is easy to eat and very pleasant on the palate.

The cheese is a modification of a Dutch recipe, which requires the curd to be washed with water during the cheese-making process. This delays the development of acidity and results in a cheese with a closed and dense texture, with a slight hint of caramelization.

The Cornish Kern is available in rounds weighing 1.7 kg and is marketed covered with a type of breathable black wax rind. Lynher Dairies Cheese Co. also produces several other types of cheeses, among the most well-known is the Cornish Yarg. This cheese won the gold medal at the 2014 World Fromon Awards, celebrated in London, in the best category of modern British cheeses.

It is recommended to remove the Cornish Kern from the refrigerator an hour before it is to be used, in order to fully enjoy the depth of its flavor. It can be served on its own or on a cheese board, and can also be sliced for hot sandwiches, burgers, or roasted potatoes. The Cornish Kern pairs best with mild or white flavors for a fuller experience.

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